Recreate this look. (Rustic Shelving)

April 20, 2011 By Scott / Random Stuff / Uncategorized / Send to a Friend

Want to recreate this look that we found on  The Style Files the other day.  They of course used a monochromatic color scheme. But here at A&G Merch we love pops of color and to mix and match our products. We’ve picked out  a few basics to get  you started. Though adding in your own personal collectibles is what makes it you.

First you will start out with our Rustic Wood Shelves that are available in 3 different sizes.($26-89) We do not recommend hanging mugs from the bottom of the shelf. Unless you are planning on using an L-Bracket for shelf support. From there you can start adding in items like Bird Vases ($23), a Ruled Ceramic Pitcher ($17) or colorful Danish Mugs (set of 4 $39). The best thing about it is that you can change it up with the seasons or your mood Just remember that the floating shelves aren’t meant to hold to much weight. So make sure that they are properly anchored to the wall of your choice.

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