New Item: Altered Antique Plates

May 24, 2011 By Scott / Featured / Random Stuff / Uncategorized / Send to a Friend

Altered Vintage Plates

Our altered antique plates come in a variety of prints and patterns. They are created using recycled and forgotten plates and turned  into fabulous new, one-of-a-kind creations. Since they’re vintage plates no two design combinations are the same. The only consistent  thing is the image on the plate itself. A wonderful alternative to traditional framed art. Add them to your current wall plate collection but can also be used for dining and serving. We just recommend hand washing them only. Available in small and large size plates. Exact dimensions may very in size.

Some of the current images are; lucy zombie girl, mary the owl, patti smith, tattoo lady, timeless tiger, prince primate 11 and zombie love. Please contact store to see which plates are currently  in stock. As images may be rotated out as they are sold.


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